Already popular in the wider world, Freedompay announced a partnership with JP Morgan. Enabling them to expand their services to the UK (and parts of Europe). FreedomPay are expected to provide card payment and contactless payments to consumers which would mirror industry trends towards contactless payments that will be a key area of growth in the UK.

“FreedomPay is excited to expand our relationship with J.P. Morgan to offer greater functionality to millions of shoppers across in-store payments”

Tony Hammond, SVP of Global Product Delivery at FreedomPay said “FreedomPay is excited to expand our relationship with J.P. Morgan to offer greater functionality to millions of shoppers across in-store payments,”. “Advances in technology and changes in consumer behavior since COVID-19 has led many merchants to rethink their approach to customer experiences and the world of commerce”.

The FreedomPay platform offers merchants the option to unify serveral payment channels together with combined statistical data which in-turn offers time-saving and competitve advantages by analysis of data.

Basil Bailey, Head of Product for EMEA Merchant Services at J.P. Morgan said, “Our work with FreedomPay will support us in offering an in-store payment option to build upon our established eCommerce processing capabilities … Streamlining merchants’ operations will help save them costs, time and drive growth”.

This partnership will bring more choice to the industry and comes at a time when growth is expected as people make the switch to contactless payments adding to the growth already well-underway in the online payments sector. This should also go hand-in-hand with developments in security as the consumer base grows to reflect a broader segment of users.

The FreedomPay ecosystem is centered around:

Demand Generation

To create seamless and streamlined experiences for customers.

Consumer Experience

Building customer loyalty by seamless customer experiences.

Business intellingence

“Access and activate your data like never before” – in order to build meaningful customer relationships.

The FreedomPay offering already available overseas; “The data-driven commerce platform that transforms existing payment systems and processes from legacy to leading edge. Simply. Swiftly. Securely.”, could bring novel features to the UK card payments industry. Further, the FreedomPay website states: With FreedomPay as their partner, many of the world’s largest brands are moving beyond just managing payments technology, they’re mastering it to help grow their business and stay competitive.